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Sunday, 13 June 2010

...Flirtatious Steampunk...

Based on the funky Steampunk style... I want a dress like that!!!
(c) Beth Edwards 2010

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

...A quiet moment in Twilight...

Last Spring, a friend introduced me to a book... You may have heard of it; it's called "Twilight"... The month following this revelation was spent doing very little else other than READING! I was (still am!) OBSESSED!!!

I have been desperate to create a piece of Twilight FanArt but I have never been able to find the time or confidence to try and put the image down on paper/computer, until now!

I have tried to capture one of the most memorable moments of the whole Twilight series, for me at least... That precious moment at their wedding party, that Bella & Edward steal away from their friends & family, to be alone together for the first time as man & wife. *Lump in my throat* *Weeps*

I hope you like!

Characters/Story etc: Stephanie Meyer (c)